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I love February for a number a reasons. For starters, it begins with my parents’ anniversary, a sweet reminder of their love for each other, making me hopeful that I will one day find a great guy to experience that with. On a less romantic note, the rodeo comes to San Antonio. It’s a good excuse to slide my cowboy boots on (my newest pair are red) and enjoy quality country music with people who appreciate it. My family and I just went last week to see new artist Chris Young. Then of course, Valentine’s Day is on the 14th. Since I’ve yet to have a boyfriend on this sentimental holiday, I look forward to the chocolate-dipped strawberries and a new perfume from my parents. This year, my roommates and I did receive a bright, beautiful bouquet of flowers, sent anonymously. We suspect it was from a thoughtful mutual friend of ours. The 18th marks my half-birthday, but more importantly my grandmother’s birthday. As of tomorrow, I’m only six months away from 21, also the age I’ll be when I graduate from college. I never imagined being this age, crazy! Besides all that, college baseball begins.

I’ve loved baseball for as long as I can remember. I grew up around the exhilarating spring sport. I loved experiencing games with my family, on a freshly manicured field on crisp spring afternoons. Baseball became a bigger part of my life when I joined Baylor Baseball Diamond Girls last spring, and became co-captain for this season. Baylor Baseball kicked off the season tonight with the QTI Classic against Oral Roberts University (yeah, the only reason I know that school is because we play them opening weekend). Friday starting off, and seems to be ending now, with rain. The weather pulled through just long enough for a pretty afternoon for the opening game. The team also came through to show off their hard work at practice when they won the game 3-2. I’d say it was a perfect afternoon. I sold programs and welcomed fans for a half-hour before working the entire game on the Baylor side. Fortunately it only lasted 8.5 innings since we had the lead, because I was hungry and thirsty after jumping into full-game responsibility. I can honestly say that I love the action and view from the field as much as I love greeting loyal Baylor fans at the gates and working with my organization. I’ll get to experience it again tomorrow, again on Sunday, and for the remainder of the season! I love what I do, and I’m so proud to be part of the Baseball program, representing Baylor this way. It’s completely worth those four hours of my day when game days roll around.

Here’s to a promising and enjoyable baseball season and spring season!

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