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SBXII in Gulf Shores

I’m a few weeks behind on this post, but better late than never!

Well, Spring Break is already over, and we’re now in the last month of the semester. This part of the year is my favorite at Baylor between baseball season, Easter and Diadeloso (A.K.A. days off from school). I know Spring Break was originally intended for a week of relaxation, but a vacation never ends up being quite that.

I had the opportunity to roadtrip with two of my best friends to Gulf Shores in Alabama. Kylie, Tierney and I barely made the 11-hour drive, one long day. Tierney’s family generously hosted us at their home in Fairhope, about 25 minutes from the beach. It was nice to be away from the Spring Break chaos on the beach near condos and houses, and this way we got to see more of that area.

Gulf Shores was the first white sand beach I’d seen. Growing up in Texas, I only knew the beaches of Port Aransas and South Padre Island. The beach was beautiful, the water was clear, and there were hardly any seaweed or jellyfish. However, I noticed significantly fewer waves in Alabama than I remember in Texas. Since it’s only March, the water was still cold, but after laying out for an hour the water felt better. Most people resisted getting into the water, but since I was with Tierney, who we joke is part mermaid, we made several swims out into the ocean.

A majority of the people on the beach were college students, from Alabama according to their accents. We also hung out with boys from Kansas and a girl from New Jersey.

I ate seafood for the entire week so I’m sad now to be away from such fresh seafood. A few of the restaurants we ate at were The Hangout, Lulu’s and The Oyster House – fish tacos, a shrimp wrap and a combination plate with my favorite types of seafood!

Our day trip to Pensacola was our favorite day. I had a phone interview in the middle of the day so I spent an hour in the car preparing and talking. When I made my way back to the beach, clouds were rolling in, bringing fog. So for an hour, a thick haze surrounded us about 500 hundred feet in every direction, it was the strangest thing. That day we made friends along the beach in time for dinner at the Crab House, where I obviously jumped at the chance to eat crab cakes. After dinner we headed to the Fish House, yes, another seafood house, to hang out and listen to a live band. Tierney started a dance party with the single-middle aged crowd with our help too, just in time for a college-aged group to roll in. McGuire’s Irish Pub was our next stop with great Irish drinks and desserts. It’s known for the $1.5 million  in dollar bills with customers’ signature hanging on the ceiling and walls!

We spent one night at a local country dancehall in Fairhope called Double Deuce. A majority of the people there ended up being far older than us, but we still had a good time taking line dancing lessons and dancing. The DJ loved us, and kept playing songs he thought we’d like, including songs about Texas and the song about the Heisman! I lost count of how many times he played the Cupid Shuffle and the Wobble. For liking country music as much as I do, I have plenty of improving to do on my country dancing. I like to think the red boots make me a better dancer though!

I got my fair share of beach music on our roadtrip playlist, more Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffet and Kenny Chesney than most care to hear in one sitting. After four enjoyable days on the beach it was time to head back to school. Our Saturday drive day happened to be St. Patrick’s Day, and apparently the city of Baton Rouge takes it very seriously. As we were driving through on our way to The Chimes restaurant near the LSU campus, we got caught in traffic as the parade ended. I’ve never seen so many people wearing green before! Luckily, the parade going college students were heading to the bars instead of to our lunch destination. The Chimes’ crawfish etoufett made our time lost in traffic worth it. My turn to drive came shortly after, and of course, I got stuck driving through the small towns and slow-speed limit places from Beaumont to Waco. We made it back all in one piece, and we still love each other. Our biggest problems were sunburns, but lucky for me, my olive skin absorbs the sun with pealing or blistering. Looking in the mirror, my new beach tan reminds me of a wonderful trip with my girls! Looking forward to my senior Spring Break now.

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